Mihaela Ivana Ring Glass Groom
Mihaela Ivana
450.00 Lei
EN: Ring inspired by "IA in Bessarabia / Bukovina N". The ring symbol is the "cup groom". In th..
Mihaela Ivana Ring Moldova
Mihaela Ivana
420.00 Lei
EN: The symbol of the „Cross” stands out on this piece of jewelry. The cross is perceived as a way t..
Mihaela Ivana ring Valcea
Mihaela Ivana
380.00 Lei
EN: The story of this ring sits under the symbol of the SUN transposed into a "flower" that is the h..
Mihaela Ivana Ring Vârtelniță
Mihaela Ivana
390.00 Lei
EN: Ring inspired by the "winding frame" - symbol seen in this form, in Gorj Country. "Winding frame..
Mihaela Ivana Traditional Ring Siret - Bucovina
EN: Ring with traditional motif from Siret - Bucovina, used in household ornaments. Motif inspi..
Izabela Mandoiu
139.00 Lei
EN: Soft silk  traditional kerchief featured with flower embroidery sewed in traditional loom a..
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