Ie is the type of shirt of a typical gathered form of the collar, which has existed since ancient times. It is also known as the "Carpathian shirt", similar to the Slavic (Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc.) peoples. The three-part decor code of this pleated shirt is almost always the same: in addition to the underarm embroidery, the altiță (derived from Serbian ла̏тица), there is a single horizontal row on the sleeve, known as increț, and diagonal stripes below the armpit and shoulder, the râuri. The underarm embroidery characterizes the entire costume; it is traditionally seen as the culmination of embroidery and decoration. Each blouse tells a compelling story about the region it comes from through the symbols and colors used.

Antique Romanian Embroidered Blouse
900.00 Lei 450.00 Lei
Delicate vintage Romanian blouseBlue and pink handmade embroideryVery good conditionUniquesuitable f..
Blouse Roumaine Vintage F01
Embroidery''s devoted jubilance meets the deep spirituality honoring the most sacred gifts of land, ..
Romanian blouse curated by Izabela Mandoiu
Izabela Mandoiu
3,090.00 Lei
Romanian beaded blouse.  Unique. Suitable for sizes S, M. Fabrics: silk and cotton...
Romanian blouse Sibiu
Izabela Mandoiu
590.00 Lei
Traditional Romanian blouse, hanmade embroiery The model and shape is originated from Sibiu region. ..
Traditional Romanian Vest Vintage- Unique Item
Sleek, contemporary cuts born in forgotten, mythical times, a glorious heritage revealed by a lush n..
Unique Traditional Embroidered Dress
Izabela Mandoiu
3,500.00 Lei
EN: Mesmerizing grace and skillfully mastery of embroidery meet in a unique authentic Romanian gown...
Vintage Girl Dress
499.00 Lei
Vintage handmade embroidered dress for young girls. 60 years old problably made. The sleeves are fea..
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