Alina Turdean Floor Lamp B
Floor lamp. Shade made of power coated aluminum sheet. H 0.59m, diameter 26cm. Traditional motif fro..
Alina Turdean Table Lamp C
Table lamp. Shade made of power coated aluminum sheet.  Traditional motif from the Suceava area..
Alina Turdean Table Lamp C2
Oiled oak wood base,and aluminum shade, power coated in shiny white/interior, mat grey/ exterior. Tr..
Delicate porcelain mug hand painted with Romanian traditional motifs...
M A I A S T R A coffee set
Alina Alecu
45.00 Lei
Inspired by Romanian folkloreRomanian embroidery ilustrationHandpainted designRectangular shape plat..
Mihaela Ivana Pendant "Life"
Mihaela Ivana
450.00 Lei
EN: This piece of jewelry evokes the passage of life and time. The traditional motif „Rivers” expres..
Mihaela Ivana Ring Bucovina
Mihaela Ivana
380.00 Lei
EN: The ring is decorated with the symbol of the „Rhombus”, an ancient sign for fertility (in genera..
Mihaela Ivana Ring Moldova
Mihaela Ivana
420.00 Lei
EN: The symbol of the „Cross” stands out on this piece of jewelry. The cross is perceived as a way t..
Porcelain Bell
Alina Alecu
45.00 Lei
En: Porcelain hand painted bellWonderful and lovely giftRo: Clopotel pictat manual din portelanUn ca..
Project ZULU Table Clock HORA L
Folk dance customary village life, Hora is a metaphor for the community but also a symbol of destiny..
Project ZULU Table Clock Inima L
200.00 Lei
Considered the emotion center, the soul, the heart inspire kindness and sensitivity, courage and bol..
Project ZULU Table Clock Soare L
180.00 Lei
SUN Archetypal symbol, the sun is the basis of measuring time. He is considered both a source of lif..
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