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EN: 500 gram jar containing multi flower honey obtained through a process which strictly controls the toxins that can be found in honey and ensures a low HMF.

The multi flower honey is a resulted from the combination of a multitude of plan species who bloom at the same time of the year. According to the predominant plan this type of honey can have multiple colors and main flavors.

In the low lands the multi flower honey can be a combination of tree flowers , acacia, lime tree or forest flowers. In the hills and mountains the forest and meadow flowers offer the main taste. 

 This type of honey is the most indicated for natural remedies because it has the most diverse mix of vitamins and pollen covering a large spectrum of deficiencies.

Multi flower honey may contain the following allergens:

  • Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Wax
  • Royal Jelly

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RO: Borcan de 500 grame care contine Miere Poliflora obtinuta printr-un proces care controleaza foarte strict toxinele ce se pot gasi in miere si care asigura HMF redus.

Mierea poliflora rezulta din nectarul mai multor specii de plante care infloresc in aceeasi perioada a anului. In functie de planta care predomina, culoarea si gusul mierii pot fi diferite.

La ses, mierea poliflora poate fi o combinatie de pomi fructiferi, rapita, salcam, tei sau alte flori. In zonele de deal, mierea poliflora rezulta din florile de camp, care se regasesc pe fanete.

Acest tip de miere este cel mai indicat pentru remediile naturiste deoarece are cel mai diversificat continut de vitamine si polen.

Mierea Poliflora poate contine:

  • Polen
  • Propolis
  • Laptisor de matca
  • Ceara


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