Boho Silk Handmade  Maxi Dress
Izabela Mandoiu
2,600.00 Lei
100% silkhandmade100% mataselucrata manual..
Embroidered Dress
2,280.00 Lei
Embroidered dressLength: 90 cmCanvas, silk and cotton100% handmade..
Golden embroidery Romanian Dress by IZABELA MANDOIU
Luxurious embroidered traditional dress.Unique...
Romanian Ethnic Dress by Izabela Mandoiu
Izabela Mandoiu
1,600.00 Lei
EN:  Romanian ethnic dress with authentic traditional embroidery sewn on crepe, designed by Iza..
Traditional Handmade Chemise
630.00 Lei 399.99 Lei
Woven loom demonstrationVideo copyright; Alex PopTraditional handmade chemise is accented with exqui..
Traditional Handmade Chemise Long Sleeves
Blouse Roumaine handmade chemise is accented with exquisite folkoric threads. The delicate chemise i..
Unique Traditional Embroidered Dress
Izabela Mandoiu
3,500.00 Lei
EN: Mesmerizing grace and skillfully mastery of embroidery meet in a unique authentic Romanian gown...
Vintage Romanian Dress
2,000.00 Lei
Vintage Romanian Dress
650.00 Lei 499.99 Lei
Antique traditional dress, part of Romanian traditional costume. Its embroidery is entirely handmade..
White Dress by Izabela Mandoiu
Izabela Mandoiu
370.00 Lei
Effortlessly chic mini dress with overlapped flounces Made of cotton and large bell sleeves with lac..
White Muse Gown
Izabela Mandoiu
3,250.00 Lei
Unique White silk gown sewn by hand at the loom. A poetry of beauty and texture.Suitable for brides,..
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