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Blouse Roumaine Traditional Embroidery SB30000 RED
Romanian blouse woven on primitive loom. Long sleeves,traditional blouse,natural fabric,cotton, with..
Blouse Roumaine Traditional Handmade Embroidery
Traditional blouse, long sleeved,cloth loop with floral traditional embroidery. The blouse is handma..
Blue Flower Traditional Blouse
Traditional blouse, long sleeves,cloth, blue floral  traditional embroidery. Handmade in Transy..
Izabela Mandoiu Handmade Blouse
Izabela Mandoiu
1,900.00 Lei
Handmade blouse with embroidered silk and beads, a fantastic piece of work.This blouse is inspired b..
Romanian Traditional Blouse
Handmade traditional linen blouse with reach silk embroidery.Long sleeved bohemian and romantic tuni..
Romanian traditional blouse - Queen's Flower
Romanian traditional long sleeved blouse handmade by artisans. The embroidery motif is sewed by..
T-shirt Doina Urzeală
Urzeala Wear
70.00 Lei
Doina is the most beautiful and spry peasant. The T-shirt is costom made and the during production i..
T-shirt Dracones Urzeală for Girls
Urzeala Wear
70.00 Lei
Dracones is the perfect combination between new and old. The Dacian Draco is a Romanian symbol that ..
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