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Man embroidery shirt “Dybky” white 2Kolyvory

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Folksy motifs embroidered man shirt on white

Available sizes - S,L,XL.

100% Cotton

Men's clothing with embroidery is a symbol of fortitude, courage and a tribute to their nationality. Such things best demonstrate the unique history and indescribable beauty of our country.

Clothing made with national elements will always look dignified, appropriate and beautiful.

Men's clothing with embroidery is perfect for any event, a simple walk or a trip to work. For example, embroidered shirts can be worn with a knitted sweater or combined with a jacket. In addition, they can always be worn over jeans or trousers, bandaged with a belt-hem. In any case, men's clothing with embroidery will look not only original, but also appropriate in any situation. With the help of technological progress and modern design improvements, Ukrainian men were given the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of clothes that will surely take their rightful place in the wardrobe.

The main criteria for choosing men's clothing with embroidery
When choosing men's clothing with embroidery, it is imperative to pay attention to the embroidered ornament or pattern. Modern designers often choose a variety of geometric patterns, such as:

Periodically, on men's shirts, you can see the depicted oak leaves, which act as a symbol of real power. For young boys and men, embroidered images of hop cones, which symbolize a cheerful and carefree bachelor life, will be a good option.

As for colors, men's clothing is made in more restrained colors. Usually this is a successful combination of black and red, dark blue and simple blue, or dark brown and golden. On the pages of our electronic catalog you are able to find plain clothes made in white, gray or beige colors, complemented by bright embroideries on cuffs, collars and chest. With the help of such things, you can not only stand out favorably in the crowd, but also successfully emphasize good taste.

When choosing men's clothing with embroidery, pay attention to the fabric and cut. Natural materials are usually used as fabrics, and in choosing a cut you are unlimited - it all depends on the personal preferences of each man.

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The history of the brand began in 2015, when the spouses Igor and Oksana Kovalenko founded their own production and gave it a special name.

The 2KOLYORY brand is a combination of two elements, beginning and end, female and male, past and future, black and red - the eternal opposition to opposites.

Our mission is to preserve centuries-old traditions of our ancestors and transfer sacred knowledge to our children. By combining the traditions of the Ukrainian people and world trends, we create modern clothing with embroidery and embroidery, which we want to wear for every day and for special events.

In our values, we invest what inspires us and creates the foundation for our work. First and foremost, this is our team. It is important for us to look in the same direction, to reach the common goal.

We measure our work with positive feedback, always listen to our customers. It helps us to determine the vector of our movement and development.
Our artisans take into consideration every detail while making clothes. We use only natural fabrics and bright sturdy threads. Our products are durable, classy and practical.
Before you decide to buy new embroidered items – dresses, coats, blouses or skirts – we offer to choose outfits guided not only by personal preferences but by the meaning of the embroidered ornament and its color. We propose you to view a list of colors on the Ukrainian clothing:

White – Everyone knows that this co lour implies innocence, virginity, purity. Our ancestors considered that embroidery with decorative white color could be worn only by young unmarried girls. It was because white embroidery was regarded as the symbol of virginity and protected girls from misfortunes and the evil eye.

Red – is the most popular color of embroidery, our ancestors said “this paint fills up positive live energy”. Red symbolizes love to humans, life, the sun energy, joy. That’s why children’s and women’s embroidery items are most frequently adorned with red threads on white or red fabrics.
Black – as the earth is the main source of food of our predecessors, they related the color black to the earth and its fertility. But it is not unanimous in different regions of the country. For example, it is considered to be the symbol of mourning and death in the Polissya area, and just on the contrary in Podil and on Borshivska embroidery. Black embroidery on the clothes promises welfare and well being to its recipient.

Dark blue – is a frequent color on Ukrainian embroidered clothing as our ancestors referred to it as a powerful talisman. The symbol of the sky and water (healing from illnesses and spiritual calmness). Embroidery with dark blue threads is most often seen on men’s embroidery and on children’s one as well, as our predecessors tried to protect children and men who were often in danger from illnesses and threats.

Green – is a female colour on the Ukrainian embroidered shirts, it is associated with youth, beauty, carelessness and spring. It was believed that the green colour on embroidery saves in nature calamities.

Golden or yellow – this color is the symbol of honey and wheat, welfare, well being, richness and joy. Embroidered clothes with golden or yellow ornaments will help to bring material well being into your life.

Multicolored ornaments – All colors mentioned above are considered to be traditional both for Ukrainian embroidery and accessories. Natural dyers today make it possible to create threads of versatile colors: grey-blue, light and dark-brown, from light blue to deep dark-blue, a rich palette of green and red tones. Multicolored ornaments in the embroidered towels and clothing are met all over Ukraine. Ukrainian artisans accomplish wonderful bright and unique patterns with the help of multicolored threads.

Size guide

This table is for converting between American, Italian, British, French and Japanese women's sizes.

Simply find your size in the chart to see the corresponding size for the other international size systems.

USA 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
UK / England 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Italy 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
France 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Germany 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
Japan 5 7 9 11 13 15 17

Marime XS
Bust (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Talie (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Sold (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Lungime camasa 55 60 68 70 72 75
Lungime maneca 50 55 60 63 65 65

Size XS
Torso (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Waist (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Hips (cm) 100 110 120 130 135 140
Lenght blouse 55 60 68 70 72 75
Sleeve length 50 55 60 63 65 65