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Romanian Embroidered Blouse Short Sleeved In Blue embroidery pattern handmade -the original traditional model The Comb

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Handmade by artisans of Romania.

If not in stock, this blouse can be ordered to be crated for you. The time of producing this model is 20-30 working days. The blouse is entirely sewn by hand.

This is the authentic model of Romanian embroidered peasant top which inspired great folk collections around the world. A staple model for the hippie era and nowdays reproduced by high end designers and retailers. The comb is a specific Romanian embroidery pattern which signifies the heels of the mountains and the protection. Handmade, the comb traditional folk pattern. Ppart of the traditional costume, this is a beautiful, rich original folk, perhaps the most important of the traditional Romanian dress and the most famous pattern, widely present in designers collections. It can be named the classy embroidered pesant top.

Made mostly in one region in Romania, Breaza, this design pattern was the source of inspiration of the folk pattern collection met in Joseph Altuzzara, Ulla Johnson, Figue, Sezane, Free People clothing line.

It is a solar symbol, the one that announces the victory of light over the mysteries of the night, the passage of well over the threshold of another attempt. It is the symbol of things that appear and prosper under the light. It signifies the hope that at the end of the road — no matter how difficult and insecure it was — good prevails.

Back in the historical living in the rural world, the rooster is the arhetype of the human habitat, so in the collective conscious, the symbol of the rooster marks as a significator o protected places. Without of the comb symbol , the places that are not subject to human control, that belong to "insecure" and potentially harmful realities. In the local beliefs the idiom could be translated in ' The places where rooster does not sing".

Another significator is the depiction of a mountain ridge, the reason leads to the thought of ups and downs, to the perpetual cyclicity of phenomena that makes up life itself. (trad. cf.

The material from which this Romanian emboiered blouse is made is linen cloth (100% cotton) and silk for embroidery.

It is handmade, created and produced in Romania. We invite you to discover "" Blouse Roumaine Shop, the ultimate fashion destination for hard to find embroideries, vintage blouses, chic tunics, handmade crafts, legendary blouses. All the products on this platform are handmade by traditional artisans.

For this month we prepared a precious collection of vintage Romanian blouses found by our curators. The collection includes stunning handmade blouses at of an unbelievable beauty and craftsmanship. The vintage blouses are handmade embroidered on historical textiles such as marquisette, linen cloth and silk.

In the past years most of the world’s top fashion designers such as Gaultier, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford, Emilio Pucci, BCBG Max Azria were inspired by the Romanian folkloric style.

The tradition of manufacturing the blouse is still kept among very rare artisans who are living on forgotten lands of ancient Romanian villages. For every item ordered an artisan will be fully dedicated to create a traditional blouse for each our online customer. Due to rich embroidery and lavish design, an artisan spends between two and four weeks to create a single blouse.

The history of this blouse started centuries ago. The first Romanian Blouse prototype is considered to be created starting the 6th century B.C in Cucuteni culture. The ancient piece was called "ie". The name derived from Latin "tunicae linae" which means thin tunic. Today is known as “la blouse roumaine”or ”the Romanian blouse” .

We wanted to show the world that the famous blouse and technique are not lost. Due to today’s technology and the online development Blouse Roumaine Shop can make the connection between the world and the artisans of authentic handmade blouses.

This concept store is made to preserve a legacy that belongs not only to Romania’s tradition, but to our global culture. Nowadays fashion became a very dynamic industry, but it has lost the spirit of creativity, skills and dedication of the ancient artisans. Their style and design are still a source of inspiration for the today’s high-end fashion.

The Breaza embroidery is one of the most complex in terms of richness of  needlework and amount of time dedicated to create a blouse.

The time of execution is about 4 weeks depending on the embroidery and the available human resources to create this blouse.

It can happen that the blouse to be already on ateliers stock at the time of your order and we'll send it right away.

The Shipping is Free Worldwide.

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Iile de Breaza sunt cele mai complexe din punct de vedere al bogatiei broderiei si timpului dedicat coaserii unui astfel de model.

Timpul de executie este de aproximtiv 4 saptamani in functie de broderie si disponibilitatea resurselor care sa creeze aceasta bluza.

Se poate ca acest model sa fie deja in atelierele in momentul plasarii comenzii Dvs si v-o putem trimite mai repede.

Livrarea este gratuita.

Luati in calclu 3-5 zile pentru operarea impachetarii si livrarii.


Breaza Traditional Embroidery

Breaza Traditional Embroidery

Ie Breaza, Breaza traditional handicraft embroidery
Breaza is a small town in Prahova County, Romania.
The Romanian traditional blouse sewn in Breaza depicts the individual's greatness and dignity, both as a result of the colors used and the moderate amount of embroidery.
only handmade for each customer
cotton, cloth, silk
Each blouse is custom made for every customer. If you don't provide your personal measures, the artisans are sewing the blouse according to their measure chart criteria. Please visit the SIZE GUIDE on the right side of description. Please have in mind tha

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