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Policy of Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com regarding copyright on the concept and narratives of Blouse Roumaine Project:

Intellectual Property Definition: Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com acknowledges that the concept and narratives associated with Blouse Roumaine Project, including art, design, marketing, and other intellectual elements, are the intellectual property of the creators of Blouse Roumaine Project and its collaborators.
Copyrights: According to Romanian copyright law (Law no. 8/1996) and relevant European legislation, all copyrights pertaining to the concept and narratives of Blouse Roumaine Project, including rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, are exclusively owned by the creators and collaborators.
Authorized Use: Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com has the right to use the concept and narratives of Blouse Roumaine Project for commercial and promotional purposes, to the extent explicitly authorized by the creators or based on valid legal agreements.
Protection against Infringements: Any attempt of unauthorized use of the concept and narratives of Blouse Roumaine Project, including copying, modifying, distributing, or any other practice that infringes copyright, will be considered a serious violation and will be dealt with according to the applicable laws.
Legal Actions: Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com reserves the right to take any necessary legal action to protect the copyright of its creators and ensure the enforcement of these rights. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, litigation, seeking damages, and requesting cease of unauthorized use.
Compliance with Legislation: Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com commits to comply with European and Romanian copyright laws and cooperate with competent authorities to prevent and combat infringements of these rights.
Informing Collaborators and Partners: Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com will inform its collaborators, business partners, and customers about its copyright policy and will enforce compliance with this policy in all their actions.
This policy aligns with the current legislation and reflects Blouse Roumaine Shop.Com's dedication to protecting the intellectual property of Blouse Roumaine Project's creators and promoting respect for copyrights in the field of artisanal commerce