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Our Mission



 Together with the current age of consumerism and the very high demand of the modern market, the fast industrialization of all sectors has created economical and humanitarian controversies, while destroying the ancestral craftsmanship heritage.

Ever since the first steps we took in 2013, our aim was to develop a contemporary and visionary platform that enables local artisans and creators to connect with nowadays' dynamic environment, through innovation and technology.

We strongly believe that handcrafted items, created by authentic Romanian artisans and artists, have the capacity to be competitive with any big fashion brand, deserving a place and a fair price in the global fashion market.



One of the core values of our brand is sustainability, which we stoically implemented in all areas of our business. The three pillars of sustainability - economics, environment and social equity - are the foundation on which we have built our vision.

Trying to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible, we only choose to collaborate with artisans and designers who are working mainly with natural fibers, such as linen, hemp, silk and cotton, or recycled textiles and eco-friendly materials.

In terms of manufacturing, most of the items at BRS are handcrafted, following traditional techniques, without the use of industrial machines, whereas the rest are only produced in limited quantities. Likewise, the curated vintage section and the upcycling selection of products that can be found on our platform, uphold the principle of the three R's of the environment - reduce, reuse, recycle.
We know the road to absolute sustainability is complex, if not impossible, but we do the best we can toward it.



Cultural heritage preservation is at the heart of our ethos, being the driving force that got us started in the first place.

Many designs, patterns or motifs belonging to the Romanian culture have been appropriated by famous international fashion houses, without giving any credit and acknowledging the source of inspiration, or even providing misleading information about the true source, causing confusion and perpetual errors in the education of future generations.

Throughout the years, we have tried to change that paradigm and have enabled numerous artisanal cooperatives and craftsmen to sell their work to a wide international-based audience - thanks to our campaigns and efforts to reposition their crafts as the genuine, authentic option.



Today's fashion industry's reliance on cheap, trend-based, mass production is inherently unsustainable. As a rebellion against this way of operating, the slow fashion movement took shape. In order to meet the sustainability challenge of the fashion industry, the focus should be readjusted toward quality, durability, ethical values, fair trade and fair employment practices.

At BRS, we place authentic legacy, original design and slow fashion before trends, quantity and quick turnarounds.

"the development thinking of the 1970s destroyed heritage and created a new false perspective of modernity. Whole neighborhoods were demolished and a lot of common memory was wiped out with the idea of well-being, similar to the thinking that poverty would have disappeared in Africa in twenty years […] culture cannot be left in the hands of the market that only puts importance in the final product without taking into account the creative processes." - Dr. Alfonso Martinell, President of Interarts Foundation on Cultural Rights: a new framework for cultural management, Sao Paolo



Our next step is to create a reference point for the new generation of artisans and designers, encouraging them to reconsider the current decayed fashion system and guiding them towards a more conscious way of living based on anti-consumerism values. Stay with us on this complex journey to discover where this road will take us...