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It is said that the embroidery has been always a testimony of intepreting the world around us.

The embroidered gauze is one of the must haves for a smart, elegant and green wardrobe. Besides its versatility and romantic feel, this heritage fashion collectibles are making the math for your bohemian authenthic look. 

Before we start we will urgely have to note this-please buy only the original,made by artisans.

In the name of sustanability and ethic wages, stop investing in stolen cultural design!

If you read this Tony Burch or Ulla Johnson,you can come here to hire the artisans whom handwork you don't even credit.

When it comes to the all that folk embroidery, look for artisan made.

Quoting the Queen of England: it's horses for courses!

People who can still create that are very very few and they age between 60-80. Maybe the Zgens would embrace this job..for their future vlogging empire sake.

Now let's get back on how an embroidered handmade gauze is made.

First of all they use cloth or gauze.

Cloth is a woven fabric made from cotton. 

Then they cut the shape of the blouse into two mirror pieces. According to the motif pattern design they start creating the first handstitches with and incredible geometric precision. After the sleeves and the front side are fully embroidery, there is the third part.



Well, this is what can't be done by industrial machine and you can make it by hand is this smocking. Most of the Romanian blouse have the honeycomb smoking on the neckline. It is very delicate to create it and ussualy designer who reinterpret the blouse,skip this part, because it's veery time consuming. Well, the Romanian blouse has smoking embroidery.


Final they close the blouse with a handstich called cheita, which mens keys..This is how peasant people said for locking a shirt:)).

An embroidered posted on Youtube how she does that, take a look:


Hard job in this insanely enviornment, maybe the future is more green and also hitech and people will start wearing ethical made and high quality embroideries,not plastic and metals and non sense kitchy labels apparels.

So,stay up in line for your handmade beauty. Give local artisans time for timeless clothing..These women's work and skill is the part of human heritage and we are all responsible for its preservation.


Image and video Sources - youtube embroidered chanell.

Author The Duchess of Embroidery