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The opening of DOVER STREET MARKET PARIS, which is called 3537, highly expected as "the most trendy
boutique in the world" (see Vogue), Dover Street Market belongs to Comme des Garçons.
35/37 rue des Francs bourgeois, is a private mansion in the heart of the Marais.
A highly respected position in haute couture, always in search of the original quality of materials and


Rei Kawakubo, her Japanese designer, has always been at the avant-garde of haute-couture, experimenting
in her creation but also with a Japanese appreciation of the original and raw sources of the traditional
Known for her Anticonformism, and unhappy with the fashion and clothing market, she was the anti-fashion
movement's priestess in the 1980's, questioning the relevance of clothing and its sociological and technical

The exhibition
Originally designed for work, sport, or regional tradition, clothing, accessories, equipment in other words,
garments have crossed the centuries out of the fashion industry cycles because they have always been made
for a specialized market: hunting, carpentry, cricket, horseback riding, folklore ...
Those who make them have mastered the trans-generational repeat of this expertise on a specific territory,
something that has become rare in contemporary prêt-à-porter.
However, if these pieces are still made, it is because they have had a particular history: comfortable, sturdy,
carrying their culture, they have been adopted out of the ordinary frame for fans from all over the world,
privileged travelers, others coming from art, from philosophy, elegant people from all over the world, who have
dared to wear them out of their safe space, it is a tradition of the avant-garde to reassign the function of things.
They have become social phenomena, establishing a new allure often designed by their original universe.
Before pop culture spreads its own transformed version. These clothes, templates for all the others, have
influenced fashion, from haute couture to the artifact of fast-fashion.

BLOUSEROUMAINE-SHOP.COM exhibited in PARIS the selection of Romanian artisan curatorship within DOVER STREET MARKET PARIS-
one of the most anticipated new fashion locations in Paris for the main event of autumn 2021, 35.37 rue des Franc-bourgeois 75004 Paris.

At the opening of the long-awaited DOVER STREET MARKET PARIS, called 3537 - designated "the trendiest store in the world" (see Vogue), Dover Street Market belongs to the house Comme des Garçons.
35/37 rue des Francs bourgeois, is a private mansion in the heart of Marais.
During Paris fashion Week, the old traditional and hand-sewn models were selected by the partner cooperatives of Blouse Roumaine Shop, the Romanian sums and vests created in Gorj.
BLOUSEROUMAINE-SHOP.COM, now an omnichannel platform for curating folk clothing is recognized as a model reference in the context of the expansion of this niche. The 8-year expertise in promoting and repositioning handicrafts, Blouse Roumaine Shop certifies that we are the online platform that selects the best artisans in Romania.