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The modern  traditional dresses are the bohemian `and eclectic pieces perfect for the summer season  Folk motifs through their load require a lot of attention and refinement in styling to get an elegant and tasteful look. Blouse Roumaine Shop works as a curator platform through which we select with the most demanding criteria the traditional inspired dresses. The motifs, colors and symmetry of the decor must be impeccable. It is a delicate land where attention to detail is mandatory.

Fashion magazines features the traditional Romanian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Mexican motifs, often mixing these elements extracted from ethnic cultures with a vast history of embroidery.

Romania and Ukraine are resourcedul of ethnographic richness in which designers can create superb collections integrating Romanian motifs with refined textures and contemporary cuts. It seems like a simple recipe, but you need a creative mind that knows how to dress feminine silhouettes in colors and folk embroidery in a new story.  Fo the real dresses it takes thousands of linen threads and fabIn our country, traditional dresses, Romanian-inspired dresses, stylized dresses are worn especially at Romanian-themed weddings. Most of the time, at the wedding there is an amalgam of outfits created by local designers, dresses created even by artisans or mainstream pieces with traditional embroidery.

Let's make a short list with best dresses to have for the summer in terms of elctectic traditional embroideries, natural fabrics, made straight from the motherland.

1. Luxury inspired dresses created by the designer

Long dresses with ample embroidery


The BLOUSEROUMAINE-SHOP selection can be found HERE 

Iris Richelieu Linen Embroidery Midi Dress In White Foberini