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With over 100 billion clothes produced annually and less than 1% recycled into new clothing, there is no need to emphasize that the old linear system of the fashion industry needs to be rethought and eventually disrupted and reinvented.

As the new generation of consumers is demanding genuine change, while the world is moving towards a more circular system of operation, a new trend took shape in the past years: upcycling. As you have probably guessed, upcycling is the creative recycling of second-hand clothes and accessories or surplus materials, fabrics and stocks into new one-of-a-kind products.

In our country, very few brands are adopting this conscious movement, which has been present on our platform for a while now through the collaboration with the accessory brand KATERINI, and more recently with RÉCUPÉRER - an upcycling fashion brand, using vintage clothing, second-hand pieces or deadstock fabrics in their designs.

Since the beginning, we tried to bring the traditional heritage and our commitment to environmental and ethical values closer to the present-day consumer through innovative solutions and strategies. Even if we talk about a heritage piece that you could leave as a legacy to the next generation or about a modern upcycled piece, our vision is aligned with a slow, responsible and circular future.

Through all the products curated on our platform, we aim to offer our customers only high-quality exclusive and unique items with great care for our planet - the same is true for the new arrivals in a limited edition from RÉCUPÉRER which you can discover in our e-shop.

Photo Sources: Blouse Roumaine Shop Archive, Récupérer.
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